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In JUBAS & COMPANY LTD; we source capacities and exploitation studies; carry out hydrological and hydrogeological investigations. We also specialized in long distant pipeline design, treatment plants, pumping stations, water resources allocation, centralized and/ or decentralized water supply systems, such as rural water, domestic, commercial and industrial water supply schemes.


In JUBAS & COMPANY LTD; we engage in the development of rural sanitation master plans, sanitation education, drainage studies and design, and public hygiene. We also engage in drainage maintenance, identification and supply of hygiene equipment, and redesigning of sanitation facilities such as Landfill sites, etc.


Planning of urban waste management right from storage upon generation to final disposal, requires the development of a formidable waste management concept and master plans for municipal, industrial and hazardous waste analysis, planning and optimization of waste disposal. Landfill site selection, design, and supervision of construction in addition to the development of operation and management programs.


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Civil Engineering and Strutures

We undertake the study, design and construction of roads, drainage systems, highways, bridges, docks, harbours, airports and general urban planning.We undertake the structural engineering design of reinforced concrete as well as steel structures for residential, official, industrial, commercial, recreation, health, educational and religious purposes.

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Getting a professional company for building is very essential, we are professional in this service having years of experience and quality and service

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